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Travelling was always my biggest passion.………. Meeting people, observing them, telling their stories.

My wine growing grandparents gave me the love and respect for nature, the fascination of growing and harvesting.
Capturing all of that became a passion many years ago. Having met an Englishman on one of my journeys, it made me settle down in Italy.

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Surrounded by olive trees, Italy soon became a home.
Three boys followed and an Italian way of life, 10 years filled with lots of challenges.

Producing olive oil and running a rental holiday home, photography always remained the profession of my heart.
Today I live and work in Austria as well as in Italy.


It wasn’t easy to find Marina………. I was looking for an artisan who works with leather, trying to find the perfect birthday present for my husband.

Someone told me, somewhere outside the little medieval town of Foligno apparently there is someone. But as typical for Italians, no signs, no obvious Atelier, just industrial areas. I asked on every corner. Finally i bumped into a square grey box, a modern loft-building. And there she was!

A chatterbox, a bundle of ideas and creativity. She is actually a painter, she used to restore old frescos in churches as well as antique furniture, until she developed a passion for working with leather. Her son Elia, a physics - student, was infected with her passion and is working on her side now, coming up with the design and ideas for new collections. Husband Marco, a fireman, is a passionate craftsman and works with wood and steel. He provides her with the patterns out of wood and creates unique handles.

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Marina is very careful in choosing her material. Only fine leather of trusted sources will be used.

She cares about the animal having had a good life. For colouring she only uses vegetable colours and for accessories like buttons, buckles and zips, she would drive hours to find the right artisan who works up to her high standards. She wants the bag to be a joy for everyone who owns it , lasting for a lifetime.

Only as i set out to take pictures from every step of making a leather bag, from start to finish, i realised how much LOVE, CARE, SKILL and TIME is invested in every bag.

From coming up with an idea, a scribble in Elia’s notebook, choosing the right material for it, cutting it, sewing the pieces together, colouring, days of drying, to apply the finishing waxes and special creams: IT TAKES FOREVER !!!! And then she changes things a hundred times as she goes along. She is very hard to please and a crazy perfectionist.

I can only appreciate now what 100% handmade really means.
Marina doesn’t like to do the same thing again, so most of the models are a unique example of her work. She always finds something to still improve (where i can’t see anything at all!), but her bags are a a real piece of art and perfection.

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I have tested several bags, every single one of them makes me happy. They are my daily companion, whatever the conditions or the occasion.

To share this joy i started importing them to Austria and together with Mariam Wahsel, fashion designer, stylist, dear friend and former Atelier-partner, i have started passing them on to a very small handful of people who are equally excited and appreciate the craftsmanship behind it.

If you are interested, please contact me or come and have a look yourself!

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